Innovative Thermoplastic Solutions

Custom engineered masterbatch slip additive formulations that provide thermoplastic manufacturers with superior plastic products.

Innovative Thermoplastic Solutions

Silaplast Thermoplastic Slip Additive

Proprietary engineered thermoplastic slip additives that offer a multitude of benefits for thermoplastic manufacturing.

Scratch & Abrasion Resistance • Reduce Die Buildup • Smoother Surfaces

Silaplast™ Thermoplastic Slip Additives

Thermoplastic Slip Additives

Engineered thermoplastic slip additive formulations to improve numerous manufacturing processes and fix errors.

Thermoplastic Slip Additives
thermoplastic manufacturing

Thermoplastic Manufacturing Solutions

Innovative solutions for clients with specific thermoplastic manufacturing requirements.

Thermoplastic Solutions

Why choose Excista?

Superior Thermoplastic Innovations

Application specific thermoplastic additive siloxane (PDMS as well as organo-functional) solutions.

Customer Centric

Our customers are as unique as our thermoplastic solutions. We go out of our way to provide them with every opportunity to achieve thermoplastic manufacturing success.

25+ Years Experience

Advanced thermoplastic engineering knowledge and manufacturing experience in the fields of automotive plastics, medical devices, silicone and thermoplastic chemistry, and plastic processing technology.

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